Where to Travel in India This Winter

17/07/2013 09:35

There are several places in India that happen to be worth to be visited once you you plan your vacation to a fascinating place inside the world.


Taj Mahal comes near the top of the list. This beautiful architecture may be known worldwide and also this is the sole reason why plenty of tourists visit India. Manali - It seems to become a favorite honeymoon destination for Indians. Its scenic beauty, majestic mountains, snow fall and picturesque locations capture the hearts of tourists. India adventure tour will take you to some of the most fascinating destinations of this country where adventure is served in plenty. Gulmarg: This small hill station is amongst the visited winter destination of India. The blended beauty of enchanting snow clad mountains, lush green meadows, wild flowers and scenic pastorals transform it into a romantic destination to shell out memorable winter holidays.


Winter has arrived in India and a lot of the Indian states will likely be under the influence of winter which makes the climate in most from the popular travel destinations much chilly and cold. White water rafting Indian adventure offers matchless thrills for rafting and becoming the thrill of chance and sport while immersing oneself into this activity. The country is the place to find busy cities, traditional villages, historical sites, magnificent forts & monuments, dazzling deserts, great Himalayan mountains and more. A group of tiny coral islands inside the Indian Ocean off the south west tip of India each one has incredible white sand beaches, turquoise blue lagoons, and coral reefs teeming with fish.


Excellent connectivity to Delhi furthers its grace and value especially for the travelers who come to its vicinities. One can enjoy adventure sports like bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving, Caving, Sky Diving, Paragliding, rock climbing and many more including wide variety of snowboarding like Skiing, Heli-skiing and aquatic adventures like White Water Rafting, Parasailing etc. Winter season will be the time to get adventurous simply because this destination is designed for skiing. Various states and provinces in the country have their own special delicacies. You can have a very taste of mouth watering local food through the local restaurants and dining spots.


The winter in southern part is mostly less cool than of northern part. During winter you will possess appropriate atmosphere to educate yourself regarding south Indian tourist destinations and attractions. Gulmarg - Located in Jammu and Kashmir, the paradise on earth, Gulmarg is definitely a beautiful place. Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Hampi, Munnar, Kovalam, Mysore etc are some place worth visiting in South India through the winter season. The winters might be best enjoyed in the northern region in the country which is famous for its snow deserts.

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